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At national park the Hoge Veluwe (NL) lies an artistic incubator in the middle of nature: Buitenplaats Koningsweg. Dozens of artists and creative entrepreneurs live and work on this former barracks site. As part of a special project by the municipality of Arnhem, 11 folly’s in the woods have been developed here as holiday stays. The central theme of the project is ‘camouflage’, in reference to the history of the site.

The folly’s form a unique architectural experience that provides space for everyone to spend the night in the middle of nature. The starting point of the camouflage strategy is that the folly does not dominate both the Buitenplaats and nature but is a guest in the landscape. Nest merges into the forest high between the crowns of the trees. This gives a great sense of tranquillity and connection with nature.

‘Folly’ definition: “A folly is a non-conventional structure that serves an artistic or playful purpose”. (source: wikipedia)

Buitenverblijf Nest is a spectacular holiday home whose design refers to the archetypal image of a bird house. The folly is built with respect for nature, using high-quality materials that have little or no impact on human, animal and environmental health. Nest is a sustainable holiday home due to economical all-electric installations and a highly insulated building envelope. Energy is provided by solar panels on the high roof.

Perched on slender black legs and resolute in its volume, Nest is a surprisingly comfortable holiday home to stay in: you literally find yourself among the treetops looking out over the heathlands in complete privacy. You cannot experience the closeness to nature at this altitude anywhere better than here. The tiny house is not just a hidden hideaway for people. Nest is truly nature inclusive and also offers a fine abode to numerous birds, ‘tree climbers’ and insects.

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