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ONE WEEK ABOUT Creative Heroes Award 2019

The aim of the Creative Heroes Awards is to create a relevant platform for creative professionals/entrepreneurs/companies that have a permanent positive change (= impact) for mankind, society and/or the environment. By annually offering the ‘creative heroes ‘ from the creative sector a stage inside and outside the sector, the Dutch creative industry as a whole can continue developing its national and international top position. And last but not least, the BV Netherlands can genuinely realize its purpose to develop into the most creative economy in Europe.

Thisyearthe prizeswillbe awarded in six different categories. The categories are classified on the scale of impact. From impact on an individual scale (1:1 Award) to a world scale (1:1,000,000,000 Award). According to jury Chairman Taco Schmidt this yielded fascinating discussions. “An innovation that touches people personally can be just as important as an innovation that has an impact on a global scale.” The fact that all the jury members have different backgrounds was clearly demonstrated during the judging process: “Among the seventeen members of the jury were designers, architects, philosophers and entrepreneurs. Everyone has a different look on impact. And that is what makes the judging so interesting.”

“What makes the Creative Heroes Awards different is that we want to generate attention for the power of creativity”, said Guus van Maarschalkerweerd and Jeroen van Oostveen, the initiators of the Creative Heroes Awards. “The creative industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Netherlands, and growth is largely driven by people with an entrepreneurial attitude, social involvement and, above all, a great creative capacity. We are therefore not concerned with the innovations themselves, we find it much more interesting to zoom in on the people behind the many pioneering concepts and sustainable innovations that the Netherlands produces.”


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