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During Dutch Design Week, we will be introducing you to the festival’s Hidden Gems. Special locations who we feel are the stand-outs of this edition.

Tools & Crafts
Fuutlaan 12c

From applying coding and 3D printing to glassblowing, casting, and molding techniques, the projects involved will show how design can cherish tradition and honor ancient and new techniques while fostering innovation.

The setup of Tools & Crafts will be developed in partnership with Eindhoven-based designer Pepijn Fabius Clovis, known for his hands-on approach. Next to the entrance of the exhibition space, he will recreate a janitor’s office. On a stage with a workstation, part of the exhibition design conceived by Pepijn Fabius Clovis and one of Isola’s curators, Wisse Trooster, designers will have the opportunity to show their skills and craftsmanship to the visitors during live demonstrations. The exhibition stages and displays will be painted with plant-based paint provided by Fairf.

Participants: Atelier Iris Nijenhuis, Aurélien Veyrat, Aysun Ay, Dirk Duif, Eeromoss, Elisa Uberti, Giulia Toneguzzo, Hanne Arends, IAMMI, IOUS Studio, Kim Melody Zoutewelle, Simon Geringer, Studio 23:23, Studio dérive, Studio Fabius Clovis, Studio Floris Meijer, Studio Jiin Yoon, Studio Range, Studio Rijsmus, Taftique, Teun Zwets, Weav3d.

Nothing Happens If Nothing Happens

Isola is gathering designers and design professionals with a joint mission: to go beyond mere sustainable design thinking and really make something happen. The founders call on all designers and studios to implement a concrete change in their modus operandi, bringing them closer to the concept of regeneration.

The collaboration continues between Isola’s creative director, Elif Resitoglu, design studio IAMMI, and Italian start-up ReMat, focused on mattress waste recycling, for the creation and design of the exhibition layout. The elements in recycled polyurethane, previously shaped for the Londonese set-up, will be reused and repurposed, raising the commitment to truly sustainable design. Different thematic areas will characterize the exhibition, from material research to collectible design and sustainable and circular products. Isola is pushing the level of sustainable exhibiting even further in its partnership with The Good Plastic Company, using their recycled plastic sheets for signage and in the setup where possible. Both collaborations make sure that less virgin and single-use materials are used.

Participants: 3DD, A Waste Epiphany, AbarStudio, Albert Potgieter, Albore Design, Andres Canchan, Anett Papp, Atelier Barb, Atelier senimo, Caterina Frongia, COLAB, Coloruben, Cousins Design, Daniyar Uderbekov, Dublo Studio, Dutch Circular Design, Emma Leurink, Esmee Gruson, Esther De Vos, Federico Fiermonte, Felix Klein and Marina Engelhardt, Gabriele Daminaityte, Georgie Gerrard, Giulia Pirrello, Halle Design, IAMMI, Jack Brandsma, Jadwiga Husarska-sobina, Joana Teixeira, Justin Janssen, Juyoung Jung, Keep Life, Lisa Vlamings x vanPlestik, Mushlume Lighting, NEW NORMAL NEW STANDARD, Oliwia Ledzinska, OSSO, Paul Ketz, Raphael Pontais, Siiri Oksanen, Sof Afhb, Sofia Karnukaeva, Solmaz Primavera, Stem, Studio Annebet Philips, Studio bycolr, Studio Intervallo, Studio Rik ten Velden, Studio Sjoerd Geerts, Studio Verbaan, Studio X, Studio-SZRAG, StudioLo, The Good Plastic Company, Thanos Deenen, The Atelier Jun, U-ak, Yujin Kang, ZEYNEP BOYAN.

Fuutlaan 12c
Schellensfabriek, Bleekweg 1m
21 – 29 October, 2023

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