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Exuberant, subdued, classic, experimental, large audience books and self-published editions: great diversity characterises The Best Dutch Book Designs 2022. The international jury of Best Book Design from all over the World in Leipzig awarded the Dutch selection a Bronze Medal and an Honourable Mention:

The Bronze Medal goes to Architectures of Dismantling and Restructuring, published by Lars Müller Publishers; editor-in-chief: Kirsten Marie Raahuage et al; design Joost Grootens, Dimitri Jeannottat; production: Marjeta Morinc (lithography), Wilco Art Books

The Honourable Mention goes to Capturing Nature, published by Zucker Art Books (USA); authors: Matthew Zucker, Pia Östlund; design: Haller Brun; production: robstolk®

The selection of 33 The Best Dutch Book Designs 2022 was announced today. An expert jury judged 262 submitted books on their distinctiveness in terms of content, design, image treatment, typography, material, printing and binding:

Designer Hans Gremmen is best represented with no fewer than four books: Footprint, Imagine, Some Things Bleak and S75.

Three books belong to the prose, poetry, graphic novel category: Abdelkader Benali – Nietszeggende feiten (De Roos Foundation); Mustafa Stitou – Waar is het lam? (De Bezige Bij) and The European Review of Books (European Review of Books Foundation). Two books belong to the children’s book category: Joëlle Jolivet – Ons lichaam (De Harmonie); Jan Paul Schutten – Van Rotta tot Roffa (Stad en Bedrijf).

Three books belong to the informative book category: Roosmarijn Hompe – Greet ten Holte. Wegbereider van het internationaal cultuurbeleid, 1945-1973 (Waanders Uitgevers); Paul van Ravestein, Monique Mulder – De zure stad (Nijgh & van Ditmar) and the previously mentioned book Architectures of Dismantling and Restructuring.

The entire selection can be seen at, as well as the selection of the Student Jury (five art students).

The Best Dutch Book Designs traditionally take centre stage in the exhibition of the same name at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam this autumn. The catalogue, this year designed by designer Akiko Wakabayashi, will be published then.

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