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Designing Circularity exhibition features sustainable designs from the Netherlands in Built Environment, Fashion, and Everyday Goods

The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hong Kong is proud to announce ‘Designing Circularity – Design for the Circular Economy in the Netherlands and Hong Kong’, an exhibition about sustainable lifestyle (i.e. circular economy) running from 3 – 28 June at Central Market. Co-curated by Dutch designer Sjoerd Hoekstra and Hong Kong architectural designer Hoi Chi Ng from Hong Kong-based Design for Culture, and Dutch designer Simone de Waart from Material Sense based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the exhibition highlights innovative sustainable designs from the Netherlands in three areas: Built Environment, Fashion, and Everyday Goods.

Visitors can participate in a plastic-upcycling workshop by Gaau1 Up and a garment repair workshop by Woolfiller. Various talks by speakers in the industry bring insight to what it takes to steer towards a more sustainable direction.

What is Circular Economy and why is it urgent?
Circular Economy is an economy with zero waste, zero carbon, where we use and reuse what we already have, combined with renewable resources, circulating in a virtuous cycle. Today, the world globally uses the equivalent energy and resources as if there were 1.7 earths. If the whole adopts a Dutch lifestyle it would be 3.6 Earths and 4.4 Earths with a Hong Kong lifestyle. This accelerates global warming and climate abnormality, making the need to a circular economy crucial.

The Netherlands’ pioneering effort in a sustainable future
The Netherlands is a key driver towards sustainability, aiming at developing a fully circular economy by 2050. The country is at the forefront of many processes which bring a significant transition to industries. This exhibition highlights proven best circular practices in areas of built environment, fashion, and everyday goods. They focus on the life of buildings, clothes, and objects once they are no longer of use. This approach has the potential to scale up and have a significant impact in reducing waste and CO2 emissions. Participation of citizens and residents is crucial as they are driving actors both in the Netherlands and in Hong Kong. Exhibition visitors are encouraged to be part of the change that will create a sustainable future for our city and our world.

Exhibition ‘Designing Circularity’
Central Market Building, Hong kong
3 – 28 June, 2023

SuperLocal Pavilion – Maurer United Architects
SuperLocal Pavilion – Maurer United Architects
Wikkelhouse at Stayokay Dordrecht, Netherlands. Picture © Wikkelhouse / Yvonne Witte /
Wikkelhouse – Wikkelmachine by Fiction Factory Amsterdam. Picture © Wikkelhouse / Yvonne Witte /
Made to Mend – Heleen Klopper
Made to Mend – Heleen Klopper
Precious Plastic
Precious Plastic
Precious Plastic

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