Dutch Design Yearbook 2015

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The Dutch Design Yearbook offers a survey of about 60 of the best designs that were produced in the Netherlands in 2014-2015.

The Dutch Design Yearbook represents the breadth in the design of the past year with important designs and current events. The Yearbook features all of the nominations for the Dutch Design Awards 2015, a selection of the best Dutch designs in the fields of spatial design, product design, communication and design research. In addition, leading critics analyse the most talked-about debates and events, and three essays address topical themes.

Publication ‘Dutch Design Yearbook 2015’
Editors: Timo de Rijk (editor-in-chief), Barbera van Kooij, with Joost Alferink, Jan Konings, Richard van der Laken
Design: Glamcult Studio
Publishers: nai010 publishers in collaboration with Dutch Design Awards
Language: English/Dutch
Price: € 34.50

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