Kleureyck. Van Eyck’s colours in design

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Seeing Glass – Big Round Mirror (Aubergine),  Sabine Marcelis en Brit Van Nerven

Until 21 February 2021, Design Museum Gent will be dedicated to Kleureyck. Van Eyck’s colours in design. The large prestigious exhibition about innovative and diverse use of colour is part of the theme year OMG! Van Eyck was here. The exhibition starts from Van Eyck’s unseen color shades to show what color means to more than 100 contemporary designers and artists.

We do like to put designers Sabine Marcelis & Brit Van Nerven in the spotlight.

Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven (The Netherlands) met at the Design Academy Eindhoven and decided to work together. It resulted in the Seeing Glass series, a study of color effects that can be created by using glass as the most important material. By playing in two glass factories and experimenting with glass, Marcelis and Van Nerven discovered new possibilities. They worked with different materials, colors and layers to obtain unexpected effects that played both with the visual perception of people and with the surrounding space.

The Big Round Mirrors, part of that series, were created by placing several layers of glass on top of one another, each with a color film in between. The result is a series of mirrors in which a sudden game of bright colors and depth in the reflective surface arise.

The exhibition had to close its doors again because of the pandemic but for the time being it can be visited online. www.designmuseumgent.be/en/tours

Exhibition Kleureyck. Van Eyck’s colours in design
Design Museum Gent
Until 21 February, 2021


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