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Roel Stavorinus

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In Logo x Logo, a new publication by Roel Stavorinus, 59 graphic designers answer the question ‘which is your favorite logo’ with 54 contributions. On the left page you see the logo that they themselves have (co-) designed. The logo on the right is the logo of a colleague. In the accompanying texts they themselves give an explanation of their choice.

It has turned out to be a fascinating series. A series in which the chosen combinations might lead you to new insights. About the designer, about his or her choice or about the logo itself.

This booklet is the start of a series. Are you a designer, are you interested in logos and would you like to share your choices? Then send an email to Roel Stavorinus (info@metroel.nl). And who knows, your nomination may turn out to be part of the next edition.

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