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Diederik Schneemann

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Diederik Schneemann’s latest collection is called Lucky Dice. It evolves around the concept of luck. What is luck? Does it exist? Is it something we can provoke, and hold on to?

Since the beginning of time people attribute a lucky status to certain objects: A tree, a stone, a figurine, a talisman, a horseshoe or a rabbit’s foot. Lucky charms to put up in your house or carry with you to give you ‘support’ an edge, more bravery. What if we could create a new Lucky charm in our time. And how would that work?

Diederik Schneemann throws thousands of dice with the intention of throwing a six, but all the two’s, three’s and so on are put aside whereas only the sixes that come up, the stones that carry the luck with them, are worthy enough to be used as building blocks (six on top) to create a table, a mirror, a candelabra, or any other object.

This article is a contribution by Maarten Statius Muller

Photography: Aldwin van Krimpen

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Diederik Schneemann


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Diederik Schneemann

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