Make this girl shout, make this boy scream

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The exhibition ‘make this girl shout, make this boy scream’ by Ilse Weisfelt and Casper Herselman (ATTAK) can be seen here until 15 March.

At first glance, it may seem an unlikely duo, but designers Ilse and Casper have plenty of common ground. For example, their shared love of screen printing, hand-drawn elements, good (or bad) jokes and above all: experimentation. That’s how this collection was born.

The starting point of the collection is the song Going Underground by The Jam. The title of the song refers to the location, the band and to the collaboration or jam session between Ilse and Casper. Both designers were each responsible for a sentence, make this boy scream (Ilse) and make this girl shout (Casper) – a free interpretation of a verse from the song. On top of that there was a layer of fragments from existing work.

The exhibition can be visited until 15 March 2022 in the entrance of the Chassé Parking in Breda. Stay up to date with new exhibitions via

Photos:  Edwin Wiekens 

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