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Introducing curator Cinetoko

Cinetoko is an initiative by Motoko that started back in 2008 as a way to share the art of film and animation within the local scene of The Hague. Each edition, filmmakers and animators give insight into their creative process.

On Saturday June 23 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with Cinetoko Fest 2018 and landed right in The Hague’s city centre at the Grey Space in the Middle venue. The program was packed with presentations and talks by international and national creative, such as Lucas Zanotto, I Saw John First, Patswerk, From Form, Anna Ginsburg, Greg Barth, and many more. With lectures and screenings to attend, there was even an exhibition giving the audience more insight into the working process of the artists. If you missed it, you can still see an impression on our Facebook page.

As a result of our Cinetoko jubilee we were asked by Dutch Design Daily to select seven of our favourite Cinetoko animators for their ONE WEEK ABOUT special about animation. Each instalment has a short explanation about the artist and his or her work, some stills from their work and hyperlinks.

We hope it will be an inspirational contribution!

Floris Kaayk
ONE WEEK ABOUT Animation by Cinetoko
We kick off our Cinetoko selection with Floris Kaayk. We have known Floris for a long time and have seen his work develop from short films to bigger masterpieces that no-one can ignore anymore. His work always has a relevant message combined with aesthetic power. When it comes to animation, Floris is specialized in blending computer-generated images with live-action video to present his futuristic ideas.

In his first two films (‘The Order Electrus’ en ‘Metalosis Maligna’), he made use of the informative character of a documentary. Kaayk’s distinctive technique and style are seen as a new kind of genre. For instance, the music video he made for Dutch rockabilly band De Staat, which became a Vimeo staff pick and a huge viral hit. Floris’ collaboration with lead singer Torre Florim and video Studio Smack resulted in a stunning visual treat with a magical touch.

The real ingenuity of Floris comes to life in his personal work, such as ‘The Modular Body’, an online science-fiction story about the creation of OSCAR, a living organism built from human cells.

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