The Palace of Typographic Masonry

Richard Niessen

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The Palace of Typographic Masonry is an institute for the richness and diversity of graphic design.

‘The Palace of Typographic Masonry – a guided tour by Dirk van Weelden’ is a hefty book on graphic design. It reads as a wonderful guided tour that takes you through the imaginary construction , along more than 360 objects shown in it. A trip through the departments of Sign, Symbol and Ornament; Construction, Poetics and Game; Order, Craft and Practice, nine aspects that together create a framework for the trade.

Philosopher and writer Dirk van Weelden is your guide, shares his reflections on the exhibits on display and introduces you to the people we meet when we enter a room: Juan Luis Blanco, Nejc Prah, Hansje van Halem and Mienke Simon Thomas, Tony Côme, Fanette Mellier, Studio Moniker, Matthijs van Boxsel, Daniel Wiesmann, Harmen Liemburg, Julius Vermeulen and Els Kuijpers.

The book, edited by Richard Niessen, designed by Esther de Vries, and printed by ArtLibro | Coers & Roest, has 348 pages and its format is 21.5 x 27.7 cm.
It is published by Spector Books.

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