The Q Project, an open-ended typographic play system



The Q Project is a game-like type system that enables users to create a nearly infinite number of variations. Inspired by toys like Lego or Meccano, Q invites you to explore its vast creative space and discover not only new solutions but also new problems.

Q, designed by Peter Bilak, consists of 6 uppercase base fonts plus 35 attachments that can be added as individual layers (Q Base and Serifs). It also comes with a variable font with a motion axis (Q Mechanic) as well as three levels of basic shapes that can be combined into new forms (Q Shapes).

The base fonts and the attachments are available as sets of fonts that share vertical and horizontal metrics so that they can be combined and layered. With the use of colour, they provide a nearly infinite number of variations. The base layers can also be combined to produce layering effects.

Beyond the standard OpenType fonts, the Q project also includes physical drafting stencils with the basic shapes needed to construct the capital letters of the Latin alphabet in various styles. Just as with modular toys such as Lego or Meccano, you can build what the designer envisioned, or you can ditch the instructions in favour of free play and create something else entirely.

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