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Publishing House [Z]OO Productions presents the new Roots cahier about graphic designer Frans Lieshout, written by Jeroen van Erp, at Fabrique in Amsterdam.

In 1979 graphic designer Frans Lieshout starts working at Total Design in the team of Ben Bos, where he gets loads of opportunities to develop. When he is asked to join the team of Jelle van der Toorn Vrijthoff his career evolves rapidly. Lieshout’s free and uninhibited way of thinking perfectly matches the new course that van der Toorn Vrijthoff has in mind for TD. With, among other things the groundbreaking first Total Design book, he gains international fame. In those days he turns out to be a digital pioneer of the profession. Also later on, at Design Connection and Cascade, he manages with the bold typography he uses, striking images and a perfect elaboration, to create work that inspires and excites. Until this very day he is trying to push boundaries with both applied and free work.

Jeroen van Erp

Roots is a collaboration between [Z]OO producties and Wilco Art Books. The aim of the series is to generate attention for the roots of the Dutch graphic design culture. Roots is wholeheartedly supported by The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), Pictoright and Wim Crouwel Instituut.

Photos presentation: Henk Gianotten



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