Sphinx passage Maastricht

Bart van den Boom & Studio Noto

Exhibition | Graphic | Heritage

Bart van den Boom in collaboration with Studio Noto (Ivo Straetmans) has made the design for the new Sphinx passage in Maastricht. With a length of 120 meters and a height of 5.5 meters, the Sphinx passage is the largest tile tableau in the Netherlands. The covered passage is part of the industrial monument. The Eiffel building and a permanent free exhibition zone that brings the history of the Sphinx factories and the Eiffel building in Maastricht to life.

In 26 chapters a unique image is given of the history of the Sphinx factory. The Sphinx passage tells the story behind the famous factory through many larger and smaller tableaux dating back from the founding by Petrus Regout to the closure of the factory on the Boschstraat. The tableaux contain images of factory workers and the factories themselves, of tableware decorations, design studies, old advertisements and production processes of redware household ceramics and sanitation.

All images are derived from the SHCL archive and baked in almost 30,000 tiles measuring 15 x 15 cm in which old printing decoration techniques have been reused. A number of chapters contain hanging showcases with pottery from the Sphinx collection of the Centre Céramique. Each chapter is supported by a concise background story in Dutch and English.

Concept and coordination: Bart van den Boom
Design: Bart van den Boom & Studio Noto
Tile panel: Maatwerktegels / Vitrines: Ontwerpstaal

Photos: Fred Berghmans

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