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Celebrate 25 years of creation by looking back and forward!

The Journey of Studio Roderick Vos
‘For almost 25 years we both have tried to captivate the Dutch and International design scene with our ideas towards product design, mainly focusing on lighting, furniture, textiles & accessories. Rooted in our personal commitment to timeless shapes, and exploring the industrial boundaries of creative ideas, we kept on going. With each of our designs we try to strike the perfect balance between artistry and accessibility. Or task is modest; making people happy with beautiful and functional products.’

Roderick & Claire Vos
Portraits by Paul Huf, Erwin Olaf, Marie Cecile Thijs, Benning & Gladkova, René van der Hulst, Peter Tahl, Inga Powilleit and more …
Short film Vos Archives: Past & Present Dreams 1999 – 2024
Product Design: Studio Roderick Vos. Creative & Art Direction: Kilian Vos & Vito Boox. CGI: Vito Boox, Sound Design: Wiebe Vos. Link to complete short film

Product Design
‘The love for product design has always been in our DNA, and one thing remains certain: the future of our studio still holds boundless possibilities that we keep loving to explore. So please enjoy our new website.’

The synergy of Studio Roderick Vos with Dutch furniture brand PODE, part of the Leolux Furniture Group, merges creativity and craftsmanship. Their partnership yields a stylish and functional furniture collection, reflecting Studio Roderick Vos’s unique aesthetic and Pode’s commitment to quality. Celebrating Dutch design, their pieces seamlessly integrate into modern living spaces, adding comfort and elegance.

Select Art Direction: The World of Pode
Furniture Design: Federica Biasi, Kranen & Gille, Meike Harde, Raw Color, Studio Roderick Vos, Yonoh Studio and more. Concept & Art Direction: Studio Roderick Vos. Photography: Benning & Gladkova. Production: Julia Jacobs.

Roderick & Claire about Pode
‘For us, having the opportunity to pour our hearts and souls into PODE is a dream come true. We offer a collection of seating furniture designed for lasting enjoyment, alongside a range of beautiful accessories to refresh contemporary interiors and add accents. We’re deeply involved in every aspect of the brand, from scouting designers to directing photography and shaping the overall visual identity – which we find incredibly fulfilling. PODE holds a special place in our hearts because it allows us to infuse it with our passion and love. Getting to know PODE is, in a way, getting to know us.’

Twisty by Studio Roderick Vos for HC28 Cosmo
From concept, design, prototype to launch. Photography: Marthe Bodil Vos, HC28 Cosmo.

Product Design + Art Direction
A 360* vision by the studio from product design and also art direction! A perfect synergy between reality and virtual reality created by means of AI.

For the young design label HC28 Cosmo, the studio created an armchair and made a concept for the presentation of this design. The Twisty chair embodies futuristic minimalism, a sleek armchair with fluid lines sculpted from foam and finished with a stretch fabric upholstery. It epitomizes the essence of simplicity. This armchair is a glimpse into a world reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Space Odyssey.’

Twisty won the Elle Deco International Design Award in the category best furniture (EDIDA CHINA 2023/24).

Home of the Future
‘Home of the Future’ delves into the world of HC28 Cosmo, envisioning a home in space that reimagines modern living.

At the heart of this animated tale is the Twisty; an experimental armchair born out of the collaboration between human creativity and AI tools during its early design stages. This innovative partnership between man and machine comes alive in the animation, depicting a visual odyssey of the chair’s transformation—a symbolic representation of various AI-generated sketches crafted throughout the design process. Witness the chair’s evolution, as it shifts and transforms, ultimately ending in its final, perfected form: the Twisty.

These animations were projected during the launch of the Twisty on the HC28 Cosmo stand (both designed by Studio Roderick Vos) at the furniture fair CIFF Shanghai 2023.

Select Studio Editions by Studio Roderick Vos. Photography: Pieter Kleiterp

‘Sometimes we have ideas that are a little too wild for our regular clients, but we decide to make them anyway! This is how a few years ago, our ’Studio Editions’ came into life.’

‘Sometimes we also have requests by private clients for a unique special design, that results in an idea for another design project. As a matter of fact, ‘Studio Editions’ is a melting pot of fun ideas, going from the factory straight to the end user. Not available in a store, but only exclusively through our Dutch design office.’

Studio Roderick Vos HQ in Nijmegen Netherlands. Photography: Marthe Bodil Vos

Studio Roderick Vos
This innovative studio couple works mainly in lighting, textile, accessories and furniture for international design labels such as Alessi, Cor Unum, Driade, Linteloo, Fatboy, ITEM Amsterdam, Molinari, Moooi, Pode, Polspotten and Royal Tichelaar Makkum. Each of their products is characterised by careful research and passion for technology, material and color. In 2016 they both became art directors for Dutch furniture brand Pode. Claire & Vos overlook the brand’s DNA which goes far beyond just putting the collection together. They choose forms which will maintain their appeal and allure moving forward. They weigh up a number of different matters like innovation, commercial viability, identity, and above all intuition; every model is born out of the needs and opportunities that these factors present.

Studio Roderick Vos has exhibited worldwide including Design Miami / Basel USA, PAD Paris, MIA Miami International Art Fair, NOMAD St. Moritz, PAN Amsterdam, Brook’s Mews London, Object Rotterdam, Dutch Design Week (2010, 2023), CIFF Furniture Fair Shanghai, China (2022, 2023), Salone del Mobile Milano (2001, 2023), Maison & Objet Paris (2010, 2023) and Milan Design Week (2001, 2023).

Roderick & Claire Vos 2024, foto: Benning & Gladkova

Roderick Vos – art director, designer of products and collectible design
Roderick Vos, (Groningen, Netherlands, 1965) started his studies in Industrial Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in 1984. In 1987, working as a trainee, he moved to Japan for six months. Being partly Asian himself, this particular period evidently had a large impact on his personal interest in Asian Culture and its works.

Together with his partner Claire Vos, he graduated in 1990 from the Design Academy and moved to Indonesia, Surabaya to develop their knowledge of rattan furniture and textile production. In 1999 they officially started their design office ‘Studio Roderick Vos’, now based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Several of their works were acquired by prestigious museums, such as Stedelijk Amsterdam and Museum of Arts & Design New York.

Claire Vos – art director, design director, textile designer
Claire Vos Teeuwen, (Tegelen, Netherlands, 1965) was predestined to become a textile designer. As she says, ‘The love of textiles is in my blood. Production of textiles and ceramics has been in my family for generations.’ She specializes in re-interpreting traditional techniques, colourings and forms, paying close attention to the quality of the materials she uses. Her source of inspiration may be an Indonesian ikat weave or a Dutch woolen blanket, but the end result will be completely contemporary, almost graphical or industrial.

Claire studied her craft in Italy, Switzerland, and Indonesia before settling in the Netherlands. In her latest work, the printed carpet collection Liquid Layers for Moooi, she created a new digital design technique where the possibilities are infinite, resulting in a unique new approach towards pattern design.

This article is a contribution by Maarten Statius Muller

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