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Beukers Scholma

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This year, the catalog for the Best Dutch Book Designs has been designed by Beukers Scholma. The book represents 33 winners none of whom takes precedence over the other. After all, the jury has selected each of them on its own merits. They all deserve a place on the front cover. This principle of equivalence was the decisive factor in the design process. It is for this reason that this catalog has 33 different versions. Each winning book has its own quire with a picture of the award-winning book on the first page. The quires are bound interchangeably, which implies that at a certain moment each quire is the first and therefore the cover of the catalog, so it’s the award-winning book that adorns the cover.

The quires have been printed by all award-winning printers Lenoirschuring, Mullervisual Communication, NPN Drukkers, robstolk®, Tielen, Tienkamp, Unicum by Gianotten, Wilco Boeken and Tijdschriften and Zwaan Printmedia. The catalog is bound by Boekbinderij Patist in cooperation with Boekbinderij Van Mierlo. Aldoscreen has made the silk-screen op snee.

Exhibition ‘Best Dutch Book Designs 2016’
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
September 29 through October 29, 2017

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