Festive opening of new exhibition space

Kiki & Joost

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Building their own exhibition space has been a long-held dream for Kiki & Joost, and now, it’s finally coming to fruition. The new exhibition space was festively opened Saturday, June 22.

Kiki & Joost are proud and very grateful for this achievement, as well as for the support they have received from skilled craftspeople and their own talented team every step of the way. The smell of Douglas wood in the space is delightful and the atmosphere even more so. It is a warm and inviting place for the community and for design and art lovers.

Their vision for the exhibition space and garden is to create a platform for innovation and exploration. Here they not only showcase their own work and studio experiments, but also cultivate a broader working practice. Expect a vibrant array of workshops, lectures, curated dinners, shows, and events within its walls.

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