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Jeroen van Erp

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This monograph is about developing and evaluating design concepts, and why that skill is crucial in tackling complex problems. Design solutions today are not necessarily physical hardware, but increasingly take the form of services, systemic changes or unexpected combinations of products and services. Amidst all this progress, according to the writer, only one factor makes any difference in the end: the quality of the idea. The central message: keep asking yourself ‘Is it good enough?’

Revolutionary developments are driven by ideas that capture the imagination, that set balls rolling and that ultimately result in relevant and impactful solutions. This publication is the writer’s modest attempt at addressing one key question at the heart of all this: how do you know something is a good idea? This book is a revised version of his inaugural lecture for the Faculty Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology.

The design of this book was done by Frans Lieshout. It is an abundant ode to classic graphic design in order not to forget that good ideas need an excellent execution. The delicate and layered design is executed with among others two metallic inks and dazzling dots. It symbolises the technological context of the design profession. The enlarged grid of the images forces you to take a step back, exactly what you need to do in order to judge ideas.

Jeroen van Erp is the founder of international strategic design agency Fabrique and a professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology.

Frans Lieshout makes autonomous work en works for Cascade in Amsterdam. In the eighties and nineties he worked for the renowned Total Design agency.

Author: Jeroen van Erp
Design: Frans Lieshout


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