Think Like a Designer, Don’t Act Like One

Jeroen van Erp

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75 lessons from the world of design

This anthology of thoughts shows what you can learn from Don Draper in Mad Men: that the Beatles were brilliant not only as musicians, how a lemon cake can win you global fame and why the color purple is fundamentally wrong at all times. Unless you’re Prince or the Pope, but this book is in particular for anyone who isn’t.

According to author Jeroen van Erp design is especially about creating relevant and meaningful solutions for users. ‘Everything around us is designed: from buildings, interiors, products, and clothing to games and digital services. Design goes way beyond just the exterior – one of the most persistent misunderstandings about design.’ Think Like a Designer, Don’t Act Like One gives an insight into the knowledge and methods the designer uses to create nice and high-profile solutions.

Jeroen van Erp graduated in Industrial Design from Delft University of Technology, where he now works as Professor Concept Design. He is one of the founders of Fabrique, a multidisciplinary design agency where he now is a partner and innovation strategist.

“Light and complex at the same time, and therefore extremely inspiring.”
Lowie Vermeersch – Director Granstudio, Turin

Think Like a Designer, Don’t Act Like One is the fourth edition in the ‘Think Like a.. ’ series. Among the earlier editions were books written by people such as lawyer Cormac Bourdrez and art historian Koos de Wit. By now more than 80,000 copies of the series have been sold.

Author: Jeroen van Erp
Publisher: BisPublishers

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