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Cabinet of Curiosities

By 26-11-2014

The Prix de Rome 2014 Architecture Award has been granted to architect Donna van Milligen Bielke (NL, 1983). She has made a draft plan for the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam called Cabinet of Curiosities.

The characteristic emptiness of Rotterdam is often experienced as expressionless and inhuman. Public space is not always modern and generous, we also experience it as being oversized and expressionless. Buildings are exceptionally large and stand solitary in a void. The result is alienation.

Cabinet of Curiosities organises this in a radical and sensitive manner. Introduced borders differentiate the public space. As such, a network of new squares, streets and alleys emerges. Rotterdam’s city centre will get a richer, more varied spatial experience. Public space increases in quality, while at the same time it becomes densified and allows the important places and buildings to excel.

The Prix de Rome is the oldest and most important prize in The Netherlands for architects and visual artists under 40.

Exhibition ‘The Prix de Rome 2014 Architecture Award’
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
until Januari 5, 2015

Donna van Milligen Bielke about Cabinet of Curiosities