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Dutch Design Daily is an online platform featuring every day a new topical subject from the broad field of Dutch Design and European design, such as architecture, e-culture, fashion & textile, graphic design, photography, product design and spatial design. It also shows interviews with designers and pays attention to education and heritage.

Dutch Design Daily is a non-profit foundation, which has an online platform in English and Dutch languages. Currently, a selection of Dutch Design Daily articles is published on our Chinese version by Wechat (weixin) platform in the mobile internet media. If you are a member of Wechat, please scan the QR code below to subscribe our official account. Following our Wechat account, you can read our latest articles and information. It will be appreciated if you can also share our articles in your Friend Circle. Hope our effort can give readers some inspiration and enlightenment. Please feel free to contact us via our website, Wechat, or our email address: wechat@dutchdesigndaily.com. Thanks a lot.


荷兰设计日志是一个在线荷兰以及欧洲设计推广平台,通过微信、网站和多个线上媒体, 推送最新、最前沿的设计话题,从建筑到电子媒体,从时装到平面设计,从产品到空间设计,我们为您展现的是全面而多样的现代设计, 同时也带你回顾大师作品、深入欧洲设计教育,为全世界的设计爱好者和专业人士打造一个面向荷兰乃至欧洲的交流平台。

荷兰设计日志作为一个非盈利组织, 拥有英语、荷兰语的网上内容平台,汉语内容目前只在微信平台推送,需要阅读中文内容的朋友可以在微信中扫一扫扫描下方的二维码,从而关注我们的微信公众号,阅读我们的最新文章, 了解荷兰设计日志的动态,我们也乐于看到你把我们的文章分享到你的朋友圈,更希望我们的资讯可以给你带来些许的灵感和启迪。如果你有任何意见以及合作意向,请通过我们的官网、微信平台或者发email 至wechat@dutchdesigndaily.com和我们联系。再次感谢你对荷兰设计日志的关注!