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Beauty Ideals – A Critical Note

By 09-03-2021

One Week About – Student Work, Industrial Design, TU Delft

Master Graduation project
Joy van Gogh

From lip fillers to tattooed eyebrows, beauty has become a thing to be good at or proud of. But what is the impact of our obsession with beauty on ourselves? For her Master thesis, Joy van Gogh worked on a series of dystopian, critical designs to uncover the effects and to start a critical conversation.

‘The Cloud’ reflects how beautification affects future generations. Having small amounts of Botox and fillers injected seems innocent, but children are susceptible to everything they see around them. Injectables as a role model give a signal to girls that they are not good enough the way they are.

‘The Tulip’ reflects how beautification affects our relationships. The way we want to make ourselves look better stands in the way of how we perceive the pleasure of touch.

‘The Wishbone’ reflects how beautification affects our mental health. Often, we beautify ourselves to become happier, but this rarely ever is the case. The design reflects how we limit ourselves in the way we feel and express our emotions.

Project tutors: P.M.A. Desmet, (mentor), D.I. Brand (graduation committee)
Full thesis: resolver.tudelft.nl