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Clever°Franke www.cleverfranke.com


By 22-04-2019

Nominated for European Design Awards 2019
Category Design Concept

CleverFranke: “We want to make people more aware of energy consumption in the home with the help of augmented reality. Different ‘streams’ of energy and communication that flow through your home can be made visible. Thus, energy consumption becomes more tangible and understandable.”

“The app visualizes household expenditure in a new, easy to digest way. It can help consumers gain a better insight into how much energy different devices consume and enable them to manage their consumption with minimum effort. The app is able to recognize devices and appliances that consume data, gas, water and electricity in the home environment. Colour specifies the nature of the source while the weight of the stream indicates expenditure relative to the entire home.”

“We did this through the use of several AI libraries that can detect objects. With the help of the Amazon API we can then look up the specifications of any hardware and determine its usage. Using new sensors we are also able to detect connections, such as pipes inside walls (such as WalaBot DIY). The prototype app uses iOS’ ARKit and Android’s ARCore to superimpose these virtual objects onto the real world in augmented reality.”