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Lady in Rug

By 01-03-2023

Lady in Rug is a soft, robotic sculpture covered in 12 square meters of hand-tufted carpet. The visitor sees a woman’s body sucked into a large, ornamental carpet. The body is breathing, the arm is in motion. The sculpture invites touch, and the interaction between the spectator and the art piece is encouraged. 

Lady in Rug explores the boundaries of fashion, objects, the human body and its environment. Does the body conform to the object, the object to the body or the body to the environment? The interaction between the sculpture and the viewer is intrinsic to the work: the object, while being captivating and tactilely inviting, challenges the binary distinction between disciplines. Lady in Rug aims at humanizing the object, objectifying the body and deterritorializing creative disciplines. 

The sculpture challenges our traditional perception of the above-mentioned elements by blurring their distinctive characteristics and altering their DNA. New plasticity is explored by stretching and negotiating their limitations and extremities.

House of Rubber is a creative studio and place for interdisciplinary artistic practice, located between the realms of fashion and sculpture.