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By 04-10-2020

Knikker(Coding) (Marble coding) is a modular marble track that teaches children from group 3 onwards the logic of programming. Because of its friendly, accessible and recognizable appearance, it makes the threshold to start programming a lot lower, for both pupils and teachers. There is no computer and at a certain level neither any text involved, which makes it possible to be used from an early age. Children learn the logic behind programming, the most important aspect of programming. Besides, at the same time also several 21st century skills are being developed from a young age.

Why physical?
Programming isn’t just about complicated types of codes to make a program work. It’s also about understanding logic and the way a computer functions. What happens if I click on a button with the mouse and what makes that possible. Think of it as a big chain reaction such as Domino Day or a Rube Goldberg machine. As a user, an action such as pushing a button creates a chain reaction that allows you to see a certain result.

The content
Marble coding contains all kinds of different cubes of a marble track; each cube has a specific color and function. In this way you can find buttons, sounds and lights in the toolkit. Each cube represents a bit of a code from a programming language. For example, it can be programmed to make a sound heard at the first time the button is pressed; and a light will light up at the second time.

Knikker(Coding) is designed by interaction designer Stef Verberk of Studio Tast.

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