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Modular Lighting Instruments www.supermodular.com

Modular Lighting Instruments

By 29-03-2019

Modular Lighting Instruments has been rewriting the rules for architectural lighting since 1980. It’s in their DNA. They are renowned for their innovative technology. Their outspoken, bold and quirky designs. Their gutsy, creative and some might say ‘eccentric’ campaigns. They don’t think like any other lighting company. They don’t act like any other lighting company.

Many of their prize-winning designs have become icons in the industry. They are always pushing forwards. How can a light fixture be better? Smarter? More beautiful? They are restless. Curious. And never ever satisfied.

Modular Lighting Instruments comes to Ventura Centrale with luminaires that leave the audience impressed, enlightened and maybe even a little bit puzzled. Among others: Marbul Suspension, a playful luminaire that has won multiple design awards. Pista, an innovative track rail system that shakes up the definition of minimalism. And Dent, an ultra-thin wall fixture that combines a minimalistic design with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Ventura Centrale 2019
Two distinct brands, Lensvelt and Modular Lighting Instruments, merge together in one performance: ‘ALL NEW!’

You can see ‘Modular’ at Ventura Centrale 2019
During Milan Design Week
9-14 April 2019
BASE Milano, Via Bergognone 34, 20144 Milano, Italy