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Room on the Roof www.roomontheroof.com

Room on the Roof – Bijenkorf Eindhoven

By 17-12-2017

Especially for the Dutch Design Week (DDW) the Bijenkorf Eindhoven presented for the first time an overview of works of art by Room on the Roof, the-artist-in-residence at the Bijenkorf. From October 20 through October 29 all 10 shop windows at the front of the Eindhoven subsidiary showed works by Sabine Marcelis, Jan Rothuizen, Christian Borstlap, We Make Carpets, Bethan Laura Wood, Studio Martens & Vissers, Dave Hakkens and Job Wouters.

Room on the Roof
Room on the Roof is an artist-in-residence space for artists; it is situated at the top of the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. This place in the heart of the city is a place for reflection, creation and a platform for new ideas. The Bijenkorf invites local and international artists, writers, musicians, architects and designers to create new work.

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