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The Zig Zag Walse

By 22-06-2016

‘The Zig Zag Walse’ by Bert Staal and Matty Christensen is – contrary to what one would expect – not a new piece of furniture to be idolized. It is a special presentation of one of the greatest icons of Dutch furniture design.

At the invitation of the Van Abbehuis art initiative Eindhoven, Buro Staal / Christensen made an appealing installation for Dutch Design Week 2015. The Zig Zag Chair, the 83-year-old design by Gerrit Rietveld, played the leading role in it.

During the 10-day performance at the Van Abbehuis, a number of Youtube videos was made.

PS: The Zig Zag Walse can also be danced elsewhere…