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Graphic measuring set Mackie M

By 04-11-2015

Twenty years ago Fontana Publishers introduced the graphic measuring set Mackie M. Now they have finally found a producer in America again.

The stainless steel measuring scales are printed on both sides, deeply etched, colored black and finished in an exemplary way. They have four measurement systems: millimeter, inch, (computer) Pica and Didot. These systems make it possible to also measure old printed works set in Didot points.

The complete set consists of a measuring scale/cut-off rubber of 32 centimeters, an 8x brass-chromed thread counter, 3 films (screen indicator, line indicator, and precision indicator) and a user’s manual in sturdy packaging and carton. The set is on sale for € 69 + € 6.95 shipping costs, while stocks last.

The set is not offered for sale on the website of Fontana, because the stock is too limited (only 69 of the 120 sets came through the final inspection, reason why this producer, too, has pulled out).

For foreign customers: this set is only available in Dutch! If you are still interested in buying one, please send us an email.

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