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The tower of all life

By 22-06-2019

Naturalis and KesselsKramer explain biodiversity once and for all.

“Biodiversity”, you hear it all too often these days. But what exactly is it, and what is so important about it that nobody can really explain it to you properly? Naturalis, a Biodiversity Center, decided to change that. Together with KesselsKramer they launched a living Jenga game as a metaphor for the manner in which all life is connected.

At Naturalis Biodiversity Center everything revolves around biodiversity; from the Natural History Museum itself to the 100 plus scientist strong research institute and to the third largest natural history collection in the world. So if you understand what biodiversity stands for, you understand what Naturalis stands for.

KesselsKramer, who have been working with Naturalis for a year, found a parallel between the physical tower in Leiden where Naturalis carefully preserves its collection and the tower of the well-known Jenga game. Each block represents a life form that together form a fantastic “tower of all life”, and we all know what happens if too many blocks – or life forms – disappear…

The positioning campaign transcends the usual campaign resources such as on and offline film, social, digital out-of-home and posters, because together with the Jenga game they can be used to emphasize the importance of biodiversity for years to come.

Concept: KesselsKramer
Illustrations: Olf de Bruin
Director/Animator: Douwe Dijkstra
Sound Design: Jonas Leopold