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Digital | Graphic | International

Winner Gold – European Design Awards 2022 
Category Digital Identity Applications

What if your brand name turns into a generic category?
Sometimes there is a downside to being successful. Banking platform Modularbank’s brand name transformed into a verb widely used in the world of finance. This legally problematic situation kickstarted an extensive rebranding process. We helped them to stand out from the same category they once founded. Meet Tuum.

Plug-and-play banking
Tuum, meaning ‘core’ in Estonian, is a nudge to the company’s brand essence and Estonian roots. They don’t just serve existing banks and challenger banks, but cater to any business that wishes to quickly bring a tailored financial solution to their customers. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all banking. Select the bricks you need and build your own plug-and-play system within weeks instead of months.

Between bank and the future of banking
Tuum’s existing identity borrowed visual cues from traditional banking. But despite being rooted in finance, Tuum isn’t a bank. Tuum needed their brand identity to represent trust and stability, but also spark excitement about the future of banking.

Made to move
We found a solution in a motion-driven design system. The module is the centerpiece: it can multiply, move and adapt according to the situation. Modules always revolve around a core to reinforce the brand promise. While the system unfolds, Tuum reveals your potential.


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