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Laura Deschl www.lauradeschl.com

The Healing Imprint

By 16-11-2021

The Healing Imprint explores the therapeutic potential of combining knitted acupressure garments and an embodied movement practice for emotional healing. The custom-knit garments and textiles have a grid through which small massage balls can be moved to reach specific acupressure points. The garment is not only an interface for an individual to access embodied knowledge and self-awareness, but also represents how design can converge fields such as science, business, medicine, psychiatry and textile-making.  With an aesthetic embracing fashion and wellbeing cultures, the garment seeks to destigmatize the realm of mental health and the traces of trauma left on the body.

Laura Deschl is a Social Designer and Artistic Researcher with a background in Fashion & Textiles. She holds a Master of Fine Arts and Design from Design Academy Eindhoven.

In collaboration with ROICA by Asahi Kasei, Zimmermann, KnitwearLab, TextielLab Tilburg and Suedwolle.
Suppported by Knitting Holland Fund and CE3 Interreg Deutschland-Nederland.

Photos: Iris Rijskamp