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Vanessa van Dam & Adriaan Mellegers

The Life of Buddha

By 03-12-2018

The exhibition ‘The Life of Buddha’ tells the life story of  Buddha. His life stages (from birth to death) form the story of the exhibition.

An important information carrier in the exhibition, which is designed by Siebe Tettero, are gigantic orange ‘gateways’. These gateways, made of orange fabric, needed a monumental gesture. Adriaan and I have designed a modern variant of the Mandala. Mandala is Sanskrit for ‘circle’ and in Buddhism it represents the cosmos. With these circles we have made a grid from which limitless new shapes and patterns can be developed.  Sometimes we apply them abstractly, as a new symbol for Birth or Enlightenment. At other times figuratively, by adding an image or turning them into tree leaves.

All objects in the exhibition have a Sanskrit numeral instead of a Latin one, so they do not act as disruptive elements but rather as graceful additions.

Graphic design exhibition: Vanessa van Dam and Adriaan Mellegers
Exhibition design: Siebe Tettero

Exhibition ‘The Life of Buddha’
De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam
Up to and including 3 February 2019