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NANO Supermarket

By 26-10-2014

A new supermarket is opening in your neighborhood: the NANO Supermarket. The shelves are full of nanoproducts which, in the coming ten years, might be available on the market.

Interactive wall paint, medicinal candies, wine the taste of which you can alter in the microwave at home, support stockings that put themselves on, paper made from your own skin cells and an invisible security spray. The products are not only innovative, practical and exciting but also weird, unusual or even frightening.

While a wave of nanotechnology is flooding our society, most people don’t know much about this technology. Therefore, the NANO Supermarket tries to make its impact on man and society clear and concrete. The products on the shelves have been sent in by young designers and technologists from six different countries following a call for nanoproduct visions.

Koert van Mensvoort: “We don’t know yet whether the products on our shelves will  ever  be realized. You should see them as exploratory scenarios for a possible but not definite future. The products in the NANO Supermarket haven’t been created to predict the future, but rather to give us guidance now to help us decide what nanofuture we really want.