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Share the Vibe – Niels Hoebers

By 09-01-2016

The desire to think big, to experiment and to do it differently from others is championed in Eindhoven. The city has visualised that typical Eindhoven vibe in the new (video) campaign Share the Vibe. The starting point for Share the Vibe is co-creation, because Eindhoven is all about doing it together. Which is why big image makers from the city have been invited to share their own feelings and commitment to Eindhoven with the world.

Niels Hoebers
My thoughts flew in every direction when I was given this assignment. Visualising my take on the city within such a short space of time – well, that’s easier said than done. I’m a natural critic and I wanted to avoid using any clichés. It was tricky to have total freedom, because I prefer working with a clear guideline. I had to find my own handle on the whole thing. So I went back to my own beginnings here in Eindhoven, to the drum ’n bass parties that drew me from my own small town to Eindhoven. The rhythm of that music for me represents the city’s energy. And another thing is that the rustic Brabant mentality is confronted here with some advanced futuristic influences. That’s how I came up with the UFO that creates the city and sets it in motion. Creating icons at breakneck speed.

This campaign has been developed by The Virtual Design Agency (VDA), with Remco van de Craats van Edhv as art director, commissioned by Eindhoven365 and the municipality of Eindhoven.  

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